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Prestige Line transfer

Terms and Conditions
  1. Our service:
  2. Prestige Line Transfer operates an airport and all other passenger transport services that meet the customer's specific needs. Within our services, we distinguish between a business and a private package. The former is recommended for private individuals. Our company carries out the activity at the highest possible level and with the official permission required by applicable law.
  3. Terms of service for our service:
    • We can accept the order 48 hours before the transportation, otherwise we cannot guarantee the delivery of the freight.
    • We can accept the cancellation of the confirmed freight by the deadline of the order (12:00 on the previous day) free of charge.
    • 50% of the freight charge will be charged by the customer between the time of the order and 4 hours before the start of the journey.
    • In case of cancellation within 4 hours prior to departure or in the case of failure to appear at the passenger pick-up point, 100% of the freight charge shall be borne by the customer.
    • Your order is available via our online booking menu and by phone at + 36306765912.
    • For further inquiries regarding our service or transport on a route not included in the price list please contact us at +3630675912 or +36709052230 or at [email protected].
  4. Payment method
  5. Our freight rates can be transferred to our bank account or paid in cash to the driver.
  6. Running time
  7. Our company will do its utmost to ensure that the travel time is as fast, safe and convenient as possible for the passenger, however, there is no liability for delays due to reasons beyond our control (eg bad road conditions, border conditions and congestion caused by accidents).
  8. Waiting, machine delay
    • In our business packages, we are always waiting for our passengers at the airport's arrival hall with a nameplate.
    • In a private package, we can pick up the passengers at a predetermined meeting point (the exact description of which is in the confirmation e-mail) at the airport, where they call our driver in the nearby car park on arrival and the passenger will be picked up within a few minutes.
    • In the event of a delay in the machine, if the passenger or the customer indicates this, the driver will be able to wait 2 hours free of charge for the business package. You can wait for the driver for free for 1 hour with a private package. In addition, our driver waits for a HUF 2,000 + VAT / hour fee or, in case of a delay of more than 6 hours, we agree to send another car to the passenger at the price included in the package.
  9. Accepting a condition for a contract, signing a contract:
  10. The contract is concluded between the service provider and the customer if the customer or the passenger has ordered the shipment as described and the service provider has confirmed by e-mail and the customer or the passenger does not indicate the lack of conformity by e-mail.